Missed Opportunity?

Have you ever kicked yourself in the seat of the pants, because you missed a golden opportunity? I think all of us can relate here!

1. We missed an opportunity to make a positive difference in someone’s life.
2. We missed an opportunity to be a blessing to someone who was hurting.
3. We missed an opportunity to witness to a lost friend.
4. We missed an opportunity to minister to our spouse or children because we were too preoccupied.
5. We missed an opportunity to make an eternal difference in a child’s life because we didn’t seize the opportunity.

There’s one more potential missed opportunity out there that I’d like to quickly share so that instead of missing this opportunity that God is bringing our way…we seize it.

 In two previous posts I’ve referenced a 3 question survey that 136 parents (who have a child with a disability) responded to and the results were:

1.  45% of parents who have a child with a disability indicated that they DO attend church!

2.  The remaining 55% of those parents who responded to the survey indicated that they DO NOT attend church.

3.  It’s the last survey question that reveals the opportunity:  “Would you attend a local church if it were able to meet the needs of your family?”

Of the 55% of parents who indicated that they did not attend church, 96% of them answered “Yes” to the above mentioned survey question.  96%.

There’s a group of parents out there who would definitely be interested in your Children’s Ministry.  They represent an opportunity.  But don’t expect to “see” them because these families often live very isolated lives due to their child’s disability.  A lot of them have given up on finding a place of acceptance.  But they’re out there.  And 96% of them would say “Yes” to an invitation to become a part of your community of faith.


About MakingRoomASD

Father to 3 boys on the autism spectrum.

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